It is becoming clearer and clearer that social distancing is the key to ‘flatten the curve’ and prevent the United States health care system from being overwhelmed. Boulder is a very social community, so what do we do to keep our minds and body busy while in isolation?

  1. Work from Home: Obviously if you have work or classes that can be done remotely, don’t treat a week at home like a staycation, stay ahead of your work by doing whatever you can online.
  2. Have a Staycation: #1 not relevant to you? Or even if it is, have a staycation! Read a good book, have another glass of wine or beer, enjoy a warm bath. Take this opportunity to work on your mental health.
  3. Stay Informed, but Don’t Stay Glued to Cable News: Knowing what is going on, and being up to date on the latest warning and messages from the CDC, WHO, and your local governments. That said, watching hours of cable news isn’t going to help anything and will just increase your anxiety.
  4. Call you Loved Ones: Use this as a good excuse to catch up with the ones you love and let them know you are thinking of them. Do so over the phone or video-conferencing.
  5. Have a date with your pet: Our 4-legged loved ones are going to benefit the most from you spending more time at home! Enjoy being around them more, they certainly will!
  6. Cook or do Contactless Delivery of Food: Have a new recipe you’ve always wanted to try? Give it a go, what else do you have to do? Not big on cooking? A lot of restaurants are hurting right now, and are offering contactless delivery to stay in business but not put their employees or customers at additional risk.

No matter your situation, right now it is critical to take steps towards lowing your exposure and the exposure of your loved ones. Find a way to turn this into an opportunity to better yourself, your life, and your relationship with your loved ones.

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