We are slowly but surely approaching the autumn break in the semester, and, as we do, many of us will leave the university to go visit home or take a vacation. As this break arrives, and as midterms and schoolwork take command of our lives, it can be easy to forget about all the activities occurring on campus. And, after we return from fall break, we quickly become consumed with the preparation for finals and the end of the semester. During this time, I feel that my fellow students are profoundly stressed, and, because of this, do not always involve themselves in the goings-on of campus life. So, before the times of finals hit, I would suggest participating in some events around campus. One thing that invariably surprises me is how quickly the semester seems to pass; I genuinely have to remind myself to enjoy my time at the University of CU Boulder. One of the ways I remind myself is to engage in some of the events consistently taking place at the college. For my fellow students, I offer a few activities to engage in before the autumn break.

Russian Tea

white ceramic cup and blue plates

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One of my absolute favorite activities in this life is trying new teas or simply drinking tea; although this may reveal my true identity as an old woman trapped in a college student’s body, yet I don’t mind. For my fellow students who enjoy a cup of tea as much as I do, I have a treat for you. On Wednesdays from 12:00 pm – 12:45 pm in Macky Auditorium room 223, a student can join a group of like-minded students for tea and discussion. This event will continue until December 31st, so you have plenty of time to experience this. One can only imagine how relaxing and calming this event would be in a time of significant academic stress. Unlike many of the discussions one will have in college, this will not be graded. It is a time to talk with others who wish to talk as well. Allow yourself to take time for yourself in an event such as this. A student must find a place between maintaining good grades and still having a life; even something as small as attending this event can help to find this middle-ground.

Literary Buffs

For literary nerds such as myself, there is really nothing more enjoyable than discovering and discussing literature

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among others who take pleasure in it. This club also claims to have a space for everyone, even those who are typically shy and perhaps even uncomfortable in groups such as this. There are many things a student can do in joining this group, including, in the words of the program itself, one can enjoy partaking in, “philosophical discussion groups, writing workshops, outreach efforts to area high schools and community organizations, and help us bring inspiring guest speakers.” There are a vast number of things available for a student with this club, especially in a time when a student might be feeling overwhelmed. This group can offer a hobby for a student whose entire life has been wrapped up in academics. Although, perhaps the most compelling argument to partake in this group are the opportunities for writers to put their writing and work out into the world in a number of ways, including an online magazine.

Provenance: An MFA Dance Concert

For my peers who enjoy going to the theatre, this is a perfect opportunity to view traditional ballet in a new and modern light. This dance concert considers the human body and how it changes with age, not just physically, but how memories, emotions, and even ideas change along with it. The body is not only used in an expressive form of dance, but it is the vessel which how we experience the world. How we carry ourselves and how our bodies interact are all

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examined in this exciting and modern dance piece. For my peers who do not think they would understand or be interested in dance such as this, I thought the same thing before I began to examine the world of dance. Although dance does have a language, it is also an artform which invites the spectator to draw their own conclusions when it comes to what the piece is trying to say; we can all gain something different from dance concerts. This sort of thing might seem like a luxury in a stressful time such as this, but attending these sorts of events makes going to college a far more enhanced experience.

CU Boulder seems to be an example of an institution which wants to be one thing but is instead something else. CU Boulder wishes to be an unquestionably prestigious university, yet it has not quite reached that status yet. In my option, the college hopes to make up for this by putting such an emphasis on grades and, perhaps, by making schoolwork especially difficult. CU Boulder as an institution appears to be very sensitive when it comes to how it is perceived, as such, it tries to bolster its position by creating a tricky academic environment to negotiate. This time in the semester before we all leave for the autumn break is an incredibly stressful time, but we must remember that grades are not the only thing which makes up the college. There are so many activities and events available on campus that it would be a shame to miss out on all of them; try to find a balance between grades at CU Boulder and the rest of the university life. Being a student will become so much better once this balance is discovered.

Taylor Denton is a movie-loving, vegetarian, nerdy student living in Boulder, currently working to complete a degree in English. She was born on March 22nd, 1998, in Springfield, Missouri. She began writing short stories when she was in middle-school, publishing her first poem in a book created by her school. In high school, her love for creative writing expanded and came to life. She has continued to write, which has become her passion in life. She now writes in college from the perspective of a student, working as often as she can to keep her voice active and evolving while she continues to purse her enthusiasm for writing.