Saturday, March 25, 2017

Boulder Giving

Mission Statement of the Giving Boulder Initiative:

To develop (a) a high level of understanding among readers of the online publication for the constructive roles played by non-profit organizations in addressing social issues in Boulder County, and (b) an understanding of how individuals and businesses can contribute both financially and as volunteers to non-profit organizations located in Boulder County.

Goals of the Giving Boulder Initiative:

  • To advance the community’s understanding of the constructive roles played by non-profit organizations in addressing social issues in Boulder County.
  • To enhance the financial viability of Boulder County based non-profit organizations by increasing individual, corporate, and foundation support to them.
  • To create a community awareness of the important activities undertaken in Boulder County by specific non-profit organizations.
  • To provide individuals with information concerning opportunities to volunteer with non-profit organizations based in Boulder County.

Randall Upton Director of Boulder Giving

Randall Upton has joined the staff of AboutBoulder as its Director of Giving. In this capacity he will cover and write about non-profit organizations in Boulder County and businesses that support them. Randall is an accomplished professional who moved to Boulder County two years ago. A graduate of Beloit College with B.A. and M.A.T. degrees, he received his J.D. and LL.M. degrees from Georgetown University Law School. He has served in policy positions with the U.S. Federal Government, with the U.S. diplomatic corps in Switzerland and Australia, and in management roles in several business associations. In addition, he has managed his own international consulting company in Australia. Over the past twelve years he has been involved in educational fundraising activities and non-profit management in the States of Wisconsin and Colorado. Randall owns and manages Randall Upton, LLC, a Colorado consulting company that is based in Longmont. In addition, he volunteers with a number of local non-profit organizations and is excited about the opportunity of working with AboutBoulder to advance philanthropy in Boulder County.

Articles On Non-Profits & Boulder Giving

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