We would like to thank our readers for the incredible support and momentum that AboutBoulder.com has received since our debut launch two years ago. AboutBoulder.com is your one-stop site for “Everything Boulder”. The site has sustained significant and steady growth since the beginning, most substantially this past year from August 2014 to September 2015. In that time we’ve had well over 184,000 visits to AboutBoulder and as of November 2015 we have over 4,000 likes on our Facebook page. In addition, our traffic has doubled in the last 6 months alone. We couldn’t pull this off without our faithful visitors because one quarter of you return to us weekly. At this rate we anticipate quadrupling readership by this same time next year!

Our impressive growth is primarily due to the dedicated efforts of our prolific and talented team that has worked diligently to produce creative and informative posts. AboutBoulder empowers over twenty columnists and four photojournalists who all work enthusiastically to post new content on a daily basis. To further expand our readership, our proficient social media interns steer an extraordinary amount of traffic to the site via our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter feeds. We’re also proud that several interns directly attribute finding their current employment to the experience they gained from work on the site. Another team member was so impacted by creating articles for AboutBoulder that he has now applied to graduate school to study writing! We hope to ensure not only a bright future for more content crafters, but for the environment, and City of Boulder itself.


AboutBoulder is going on its third year with its partnership with B-cycle to make commuting greener. You can rent one of our ten AboutBoulder bicycles from one of 39 bike stations around town. If you need longer distance travel, pedal over to McGuckin hardware to drive the AboutBoulder Ford F150 which proudly displays our AboutBoulder logos. eGo carshare and AboutBoulder have a new and exciting partnership! You will find a B-cycle station directly outside the famous hardware palace, so you can park the bicycle and jump into the truck.


Perhaps our most respected feature is our “Boulder Giving” program. AboutBoulder is all about giving back! Boulder Giving allows us to donate 10% of the revenue we receive from an advertiser to a charity organization of their choice. AboutBoulder is proud to pay it forward to thank our advertisers. One recent donation was granted to the Greenwood Wildlife Rescue to rehabilitate injured wildlife in the region. We also shared with SOS Outreach to get underprivileged city kids onto ski slopes for the first time. Anyone living in Colorado deserves to experience its beauty firsthand, and AboutBoulder is working to keep the people, wildlife, and environment here healthy.

It’s been a great couple of years for us and we remain very optimistic that our skilled staff and our infectious enthusiasm for local culture will keep us the #1 site for everything about Boulder!