To commemorate World Refugee Day (June 20th), Boulder’s acclaimed singer-songwriter Rebecca Folsom unveils her latest music video, Power of Love.” Co-written and performed alongside Raqaya Alfaris and Mireille Bakhos, two inspiring refugee teenagers from Saudi Arabia, the song is a heartfelt anthem of hope and respect. “Power of Love” is featured on Folsom’s highly anticipated 13th studio album, Sanctuary, produced by three-time Grammy winner Tom Wasinger and now available on all major music streaming platforms.

World Refugee Day, designated by the United Nations, shines a spotlight on the courage and resilience of individuals who have been displaced from their homes due to conflict or persecution. It serves as a call to foster empathy and understanding for refugees worldwide, acknowledging their strength in rebuilding their lives.

Inspired by her collaboration with Raqaya Alfaris and Mireille Bakhos during the “Open Your Voice” workshops organized in partnership with the International Rescue Committee, Folsom aimed to create a powerful fusion of Arabic and English languages. Together, they created the uplifting pop anthem, “Power of Love.”

The music video for “Power of Love” features Folsom and the two teens during the songwriting process. The video showcases the creative vision of Andrew Akerman and Jesse Ryan from Off The Map Media, who contributed their exceptional talents in cinematography and production.

Folsom’s Sanctuary album is a collection of 13 deeply personal songs, each telling a universal human story. Drawing inspiration from marginalized communities affected by homelessness, mental health challenges, racial and gender discrimination, immigration issues, gun violence, as well as prisoners, refugees, veterans, and the elderly, Folsom weaves a tapestry of empathy and compassion.

Rebecca Folsom’s new album, Sanctuary, is now available on all major music streaming platforms. Join her in celebrating World Refugee Day and embracing the transformative power of music.

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