Colorado-based band Espresso! merges these same two musical traditions with red-hot interpretations of American swing and Gypsy jazz favorites. The traditions of the past come alive with powerful instrumental leads and vocals in French and English. Very danceable, this music is infectious. “You owe it to your ears.”

Espresso! includes an abundance of Colorado talent: Bill Pontarelli (clarinet), National Mandolin Champion Jordan Ramsey (mandolin), chanteuse Emily Reynolds (rhythm guitar), and stand-up bass man Duane Webster. Bill and Emily have performed Gypsy Jazz and American Swing for many years at venues in and around Boulder and Denver, Colorado. Jordan Ramsey came on board in 2010, greatly enriching the new group dynamic. Bass man Duane Webster has been putting it all together since 2016 to create our saucy swing sound. We have played this music for years and love keeping the tradition of American swing music and Gypsy jazz alive.