Boulder is a town filled with doers: people who would rather get up at the crack of dawn and summit a mountain than sit on their couch and watch television. I believe that this characteristic, the preference toward action over inaction, is what drives so much of the entrepreneurial success in our community. For a town of around 150,000 people, Boulder pulls more than its weight in the international entrepreneurship scene. This means that each of us Boulderites have to do more individually, and thus be stronger as a community. This holiday season, think about the entrepreneur in your life, whether it be a friend or family member, and consider what you can do to help spring them into action so that they can achieve their goals.

This year, the Deming Center at University of Colorado-Boulder is reviving a program called Ideas 2 Action. The program, a collaborative effort across several different departments at the Leeds School of Business, is an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs from Boulder and beyond to spring into action. The program is a 5-day intensive workshop that gives entrepreneurs a crash course in fundamental business concepts. Participants get to work directly with Leeds professors and notable members of the Colorado business community. The curriculum includes world-class speakers, intensive workshops, and small group breakout sessions. Plus, participants can choose to attend the workshop at one of three locations: Denver, Boulder, or Vail. For the entrepreneur that may have a great idea or the beginnings of a project in mind, this is a wonderful way to really get up and get moving. Ideas 2 Action can help to get an entrepreneur off the couch and up that mountain. What could be a better gift than that?

You can read more about Ideas 2 Action here: