Avery Brewing announced that it will be giving away 4,000 cases of free beer to frontline employees as a gesture of thanks for helping out during the COVID-19 crisis. The Boulder brewery is giving away its gold lager beer, Stampede, until they run out.

“We do one thing and we do one thing really well. That’s making beer,” said Adam Avery, CEO and co-founder of Avery Brewing Company. “We’re just trying to do our part.”

Frontline employees include eligible include healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters, emergency medical services, delivery drivers, grocery store workers and other food service workers.

“They’re all frontline,” Avery said. “Safety is one measure but everybody’s got to eat. Grocery workers, food service workers are providing for the public and for healthcare workers as well.”

To collect a free case of Stampede as a Boulder County frontline worker, place an order on Avery’s website at averybrewing.com/stampede-giveaway.

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