Photo credit: The Daily Camera

Just a few days ago, wildlife officers euthanized a bear they found and cornered on campus at CU Boulder. It seems this was not the only bear in the area though, as another one meandered onto campus again yesterday during freshman move-in day.

Cortez Patterson was working on campus, taking a lunch break, when he saw a bear a mere feet away from him.

“Didn’t know where I was going to run, but my first instincts was just not to sit there, you know,” Patterson said. “You hear about all the bear encounters and some of the bad situations that can go down like that, so my first instinct was to just run.”

Luckily, the bear was spooked and also ran–away from campus and the line of cars packed with incoming students and parents. CU Boulder Police responded to the event, but said the bear was already far from campus by the time they arrived. Nobody was harmed.

“They are in their hyperphagia stage and that’s a stage where they’re basically just getting ready for hibernation,” said Jason Clay, spokesman for CPW.

Clay said fruit trees across Boulder draw bears into town.

“They are just scouring looking for food. They’ll eat up to 20,000 calories a day,” he said.