Crispin Porter and Bogusky is one of Boulder’s most famous and well-known agencies. The CP+B Network is comprised of factories and partner agencies all over the globe. Their partner agencies extend their reach and capabilities to be able to create teams made up of globally experienced professionals in order to meet each client’s specific needs. In 1991, CP+B, due to their new creative director and partner Chuck Porter, doubled in size and became named one of the top 15 creative shops in America. Since then, Crispin Porter has become one of the most awarded agencies all over the world. Advertising Age named them Agency of the Decade.

CP+B doesn’t call themselves ad people, they call themselves culture tweakers. They have exceptionally high expectations for their work. It takes someone special to work here. Their employees come with many new ideas everyday. Their great ideas are tossed out again and again, giving them the ability to go back and take those ideas and make them even greater and better. Those looking to acquire a position here must embody these skills and acquire the same passion, confidence and work ethic to succeed here and become a part of the team.

Crispin Product and Bogusky’s Brand Invention group has been extremely innovative, creating products and new brands internally for a number of years. CP+B collaborates with partners, operators, and category visionaries to create businesses, products and brands completely from scratch. They developed a unique approach to building companies using their strategic positioning, branding, and design as well as their development, sourcing, manufacturing and launching abilities. They look to defy typical conventions in everything they do.

Originally from the most loved state on the East Coast, New Jersey, she fell in love with the Colorado culture the second she stepped foot here. Ever since, she has been lucky enough to attend school at the University of Colorado-Boulder, making this beautiful city her home. Currently pursuing a degree in journalism, she enjoys taking cool pictures and meeting interesting people. Passionate about helping others and giving back, she has been a part of the CU Rotaract club serving as the Special Events Coordinator for the past three years. This past semester she was given the opportunity to spend four exciting months in Barcelona, where she studied during the week and ran around the rest of Europe on the weekend. Now finally back in Boulder, she is excited to get back to the mountains and reporting about the fascinating people that live in the Boulder community.