Consider this: As a student we have four years of meeting an absurd amount of people from all across the US, and even more so, from all across the world. It seems that there has always and will always be varying opinions over whether or not being in a relationship during the four short years of our undergraduate lives should be spent with someone, with many, or alone. Whether you think that college isn’t the time for commitment or you’re on the opposing side, Valentines Day brings out the loving side in all of us (or at least the parts of us that don’t want to be alone).

So, what are the common Valentine’s Day date ideas? – and what are some new ones? Here is a list for on-a-budget dates:

1) Dinner date
2) Happy hour date
3) Homemade picnic
4) Bowling
5) Cabin getaway
6) Comedy show
7) V-Day party
8) Karaoke
9) Whiskey, wine or tequila tasting
10) PJ night
11) Salsa class
12) Go to a concert