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What is piping

Piping is one of the ways that people have started to use to consume different types of herbs and cannabis. In other words, via piping, people are able to inhale the substances stored inside an herb when it starts to produce smoke by lighting it.

To pipe, people use a specific product that allows them to store their desired herb and start smoking it. Additionally, there are many different types of pipes – pipes are also commonly known as bongs by those who constantly smoke. Imagine a smoker uses a water pipe, where they will be able to fill the bowl piece with their preferred type of herb, decide on how much water they would like to fill the water chamber with, and smoke through the mouthpiece.

This process can be achieved by using any type of bong; however, when using a Diamond glass bong with percolators, smokers will enjoy the benefit of inhaling smoke that has gone through a filter and has been cooled off better compared to other types of bongs. In other words, the availability of numerous types of bongs has provided people with numerous enhanced benefits and features that have increased the smoker’s user experience.

So, before understanding how to use a water pipe to smoke herbs, it is important to distinguish which type of bong is the best suited for you.

Different Types of Smoking Pipes

Knowing what types of smoking pipes are available in the market will make the decision-making process of your purchase.

First and foremost, companies that have started to manufacture bongs use different types of materials to create their final products. The highest demand is for glass smoking pipes as they provide numerous benefits to smokers, such as an easy cleaning process, longer product lifespan, and even getting the exact flavors of the herb.

On the other hand, companies also create bongs using plastic and silicon. However, these types have some setbacks compared to the glass bong as the materials have caused the flavor of the herbs to mix with the materials’ smell, which has decreased the smokers’ satisfaction from their smoking experience.

Aside from the different materials, there are numerous types of designs for smoking pipes – one of them being the previously mentioned percolator. The basic and most traditional type is the straight tube smoking pipe, percolator, ash catcher, and many others.

So, before investing in the product, ensure to understand how each type is used, and only afterward proceed with your purchase.

Piping 101: What You Need to Know About Safety and Side Effects - AboutBoulder

What components does a smoking pipe have

It is important to mention that the different types of smoking pipes available have different components to back up the different features they offer. However, there are a few common components that each smoking pipe should have to allow people to smoke:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Bowl for storing herbs
  • Water Chamber
  • Pipe

Additionally, it is essential to clean all of these components after each smoke. Using a clean pipe will guarantee that smokers are not inhaling any residue that could be stuck inside the pipe, and it will allow them to get most of the flavor of the herb without it getting mixed with the past herbs’ flavors.

Safety Precautions to take into consideration when smoking herbs:

Negative effects on the respiratory system and heart

It is known to everyone that smoking can cause health problems for people. However, it is important to mention that smoking certain types of herbs can have positive effects on people’s health – if consumed within normal limits.

However, if the amount smoked is increased, the constant inhalation of smoke can cause damage to the nerves of the respiratory system and heart, causing people to suffer from breathing problems.

Side Effects associated with smoking herbs:

1. Psychological effects

Since the herbs help to calm the smoker’s nerves and put them into relaxation, the constant feeling of this relaxation can have a psychological side effect on the smoker’s mind, turning them into addicts who constantly want to feel a state of euphoria from smoking.

Hence, it is important to know your smoking limits to avoid the side effects of becoming a smoking addict.

2. Constant coughing

As mentioned above, inhaling smoke for long periods of time can cause people to start coughing without any specific reason. Thus, to avoid this side effect, it is important to constantly stay hydrated.


To conclude, smoking using a pipe is considered to be an enjoyable experience for many people. However, it is essential to know all the safety precautions and side effects associated with the different types of herbs to avoid facing any risks to your health.
Additionally, as a beginner, it is essential to do research and understand which types of herbs are considered high-quality, know how to assemble the bong and know the smoking limits that will prevent you from becoming an addict.

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