Boulder has a very diverse range of temperatures throughout the year. We’ve seen its brutal arctic temperatures in the winter, and now that the summer solstice is exactly twenty-one days away, we should prepare ourselves for the relaxing summer heat. This heat can be intense, however, and at times it may be too much to bear. You could choose to just lock yourself in a refrigerator for the summer, but that’s probably not your cup of tea. Instead, you might enjoy checking out some of Boulder‘s best outdoor public pools.

Eldorado Swimming Pool


Eldorado State Park is a beautiful place to go hiking, and what better way to end a day of hiking than to jump into a pool at the base of the rocky mountains? This pool has a stunning view and uses natural water from Eldorado’s artesian spring, so it’s really no surprise that it’s considered one of the best pools around the Denver area. The pool also has quite a history, too. It’s been around for a hundred and eight years! One year after the Eldorado Springs Resort originally opened in 1905, they opened their pool in 1906, where it was advertised as the largest swimming pool in the country. It’s not quite the largest pool in the country anymore, but it’s still an incredible place to take an afternoon dip! Eldorado Pool can be found at 294 Artesian Drive.

Scott Carpenter Pool


If you’re looking for a more traditional swimming pool, then Scott Carpenter Pool is an excellent place to go. It has a substantial water slide, two diving boards, and it’s surrounded by a beautiful public park. As a kid, I determined a pool’s merit based on its diving boards or the quality of its water slides, so this one was always a personal favorite. You have my pre-adolescent word that this pool is one of the best public pools in the area. The entire area has “family outing” written all over it! It’s also Boulder‘s only fifty meter pool, also making this a good destination for competitive swimmers. Be sure to check out their lap swimming hours!  The pool can be found on 1505 30th Street.

Boulder Reservoir 


Okay, so the Bolder Reservoir isn’t a traditional swimming pool, but I’m taking a few liberties with this list because this is such a notable swimming area. It’s the closest thing to a beach that we have in Boulder County, sporting an expansive sand beach as well as several volleyball courts and a concessions stand. Boats are also allowed at the Resevoir, but if you are planning on bringing any type of watercraft, be sure to obtain a proper Boulder Res boat permit. This is a great place to relax on a beach, and when things get a little too toasty, you can just cool off in the reservoir! The Boulder Res can be located at 5565 N 51st St, Boulder