It seems clear that the Boulder business community is notoriously competitive, but what is less clear are the reasons why some businesses survive the competition, while others do not. In order to find the root of such competitive advantages, I spoke with several Boulder business owners and asked them how they have managed to survive the ever-changing community landscape; in the end, one things was clear: detail matters.

While many businesses can decrease their costs by changing their financial or operating models, decreasing these costs alone will not be enough to stay open; what owners need is continuous business, and that business comes from offering Superior quality through attention to detail. It seems that whether it is developing detail-oriented customer relationships, or altering retail storefronts in order to draw in new business, perfect detail is what will survive.

Dan Hayward, owner of Savory Spice Shop, claims that his success has come from creating positive relationships with the customers and the community, and by maintaining a “welcoming and warm” storefront.

Bobby Stuckey, owner of Fresca Food & Wine, says that the reason he has been able to survive the increasingly competitive restaurant industry is because of his ability to reach a specific market, offering a “niche Italian pizzeria in a very educated and adventuresome city.”

After speaking with other Boulder business owners, it has become apparent that as time goes on, the Boulder business community has risen to meet the challenges posed by increasing competition and store-front rental prices. By maintaining a disciplined commitment to the details of customer demands, community needs, and product quality, many Boulder businesses have been able to thrive. It seems only inevitable that as competition continues to increase in Boulder County, so too will the need for paying attention to detail.