Feed the Frontlines, a fund helping restaurants keep their workers employed by preparing food for frontline hospital workers in Boulder, has raised an astonishing $500,000! With the beautiful community spirit here, Feed the Frontlines is another way we are getting through this pandemic together, and will come out a stronger and more unified Boulder. The Shine Sisters have headed the call and joined the Feed the Frontline efforts!

Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar offers “safely prepared, nutritionally-inspired comfort foods & potions to enhance your immunity, support your sanity, and bring a little magic into your wellbeing during this time.” – ShineBoulder.com

If you would like to order from Shine Restaurant & Potion Bar and support an amazing local restaurant, go to their website and click the pink ‘order online’ button or call them at 303-449-0120.

Photo from: https://www.shineboulder.com/the-blissful-sisters