Your new religion is a Morning Ritual to get you set for the day

We have discussed the importance of goal reflecting on your direction in life.  If you want to direct your life in the ways that align with what you care about, your values, then goal reflection and goal setting are the way to move forward.

Goal Setting/Attaining is an action that boldly states you will not let life pass you by, you are the major player ikate galtn your arena. Life may have other plans for you, here and there, but set your general direction to make goals, stick with them, and learn from the process of living them.

Today, I’ve got a goal I’ve set for you. I hope you’re up for the challenge because this is the goal that makes all other goals more easily reachable. It’s your new religion, your morning ritual.

kate galtI emphasize the morning ritual so often because it is the key to a productive day, where you know your plan and you feel healthy enough to continue it’s trajectory. I won’t make you do my morning ritual, you’ll need to find one that works for you, but I’ll give you some ideas.

Science has told we all have a general circadian rhythm. My husband’s most effective time of the day is 11:00pm-1:00am. Mine truly is 4:00am-6:00am, and by 7:00pm, I’m done. You have an idea of what your most effective time of the day is, yeah? Then use that time to do the brainwork you need to complete. If your brain-time is not in the morning, use the afternoon or evening time to plan your morning ritual.

Since my most productive time of the day is in the morning, I need to do some brainwork then, which I struggle with because I also want to get exercise for the morning. We can have it all, just not all at once. I have adjusted by getting a workout a few times a day during lunch. But my planning time is in the morning. I do it best then, when do you plan best? When do you overcome procrastination? That’s your most productive time.

There are two key points here:
  1. Find your most effective planning time and plan for your morning ritual.
  2. Make your morning ritual a process that you love to do, or will grow to love.

If your most effective planning time is in the morning, plan for planning then.

Some of us like to read the news in the morning. Some of us would rather wait until we’ve got something in our stomach. Some of us need to take a shower first thing. Some wait a while. Others of us need to create in the morning, others get the cooking for the day done. I love to think about what we all ‘do’ in the morning, because the sky is the limit, then energy is cleansed from the night, and pure potential flows.

kate galtWhat time do you need to go to bed? How much sleep do you need? These are two answers you need FIRST, to calculate what is your most healthy time to wake up. Of course, this begins your day. This sets the tone, the mood, and the mindset for your day. You’ve got one chance per day to do this important task. Make it count.

First thing I do is light a candle and sit. Meditation is easier right before the sun rises, thoughts are not as demanding. I know I won’t meditate once the morning passes by. It’s so important for me to empty my mind, to become open, spacious awareness. Otherwise, I begin to believe that I am my thoughts, my tension, my stress. I meditate to remind me of who’s in charge. That’s a definite tone-setter.

After meditation, my ritual is to do just a couple stretches, and journal if I feel the need to record. I could get lost in yoga, but I find that’s not the best use of my time. I need to sit down and plan my week, my day, my 2018! I have forms and calendars I have dialed in, so that I can easily remember what I need to do.

If there’s time before my children awake and I’m swept away with their morning ritual, I read. I love to read. I fantasize about reading non-stop. Alas, I read for 10 or so minutes, and it’s game time – diaper changing, breakfast, off to school or whatever the first event of the day will be.

Now it’s your turn.

How would you like to setup your day?
What’s important to get your morning attitude adjustment and focus?

Recognize what balance you need. If you’ll be sitting at a computer all day, what’s a good balance? If you’ll be driving around in a sales route, what could be a good choice to balance your day? Make a plan and begin 2018 with a morning to be remembered. Keep it up, until your mind, body, and soul look forward to this time with you.

Some activities to adapt are below. As long as it gets you in the mood for your day, go for it! Sometimes quiet activities are hard to think of, for most of us who live with others, these are quiet enough (maybe not the wood working), to do in a home where others are sleeping.

kate galt

  1. Take a brisk walk.
  2. Eat first breakfast (almonds & fruit) (yogurt & granola) (green drink).
  3. Work on your creative project (knit, wood work, draw, write)
  4. Read a magazine
  5. Work on a work project
  6. Draw a divinity card to reflect on
  7. Drink a big glass of water
  8. Put peppermint lotion on your feet and temples
  9. Pet your cat or dog
  10. Sip on tea and stare at a Christmas tree


There’s 10 to get your creative juices flowing. Give yourself one day a week (mine is Sunday), where you don’t have to do the rhythm. This will keep you from being rigid.

Motivate and activate toward an inspiring morning. Reply below on your ritual, and how you might improve it for the new year.








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