Saturday - September 23, 2023

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History Unmade

August 7th, 2023

What would you do with a time machine? Go back to make sure you have winning lottery numbers? Jump forward to see how your children turned out? Discover the identity of Jack the Ripper? Take a stroll through prehistory and try to avoid being eaten by a pack of velociraptors? I get it. When the subject of time travel comes up, most of us have an opinion at the ready. One that comes up often is the idea of traveling to Linz, Austria in 1889. During that year, the Hitler family welcomed a new baby. They couldn’t know that baby’s destiny, but we do. The question then becomes, is the murder of an... Read More

Everything is Possible

June 26th, 2023

A friend who’s far smarter than I mentioned recently that around ten percent of the population lives their lives somewhere on the LGBTQIA spectrum. Then, according to Pew Research, approximately 1.6% of people think of themselves as either trans or non-binary. More and more people know someone in their lives that’s trans. But quite a few people don’t. Oftentimes, there’s a reason for that. Could you imagine if it was you? From early childhood, you always had a feeling that the gender you were assigned at birth was wrong. To deal with that, you’d take the first steps toward living the... Read More