In a ranking of the top ten vegetarian-friendly cities put together by Apartment Guide a few years ago, Boulder came in third. Based on the number of vegetarian, vegan, and organic restaurants per capita, the top ten cities were chosen.

According to the article, Boulder has one vegetarian-related business per 2,329 residents. Fort Collins and Denver were still ranked among the top fifty, even though the rest of Colorado didn’t fare as well on the list. Fort Collins, at number 26, offers one veg business per 3,930 people, and Denver, at number 29, offers one per 4,097.

These are the top-rated vegetarian restaurants in Boulder, Colorado, based on the most recent Yelp reviews:

1 – Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant

2 – Flower Child

3 – Thrive

4 – Naked Lunch Colorado

5 – Sherpa Kitchen

6 – Gemini

7 – Tibet’s Kitchen


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