We have all had a run of momentum come to an end at some point. Maybe it was self-induced. Maybe it was not. Either way, now is not the time to hang your head.

The second you lose the light in your eyes, or you lose momentum towards the things that are important to you, you give into fear. Fear is the only thing standing between you and everything you want. Fear will paralyze you. It will strip your confidence away and throw you down onto the canvas. Your only job is to avoid fear – push it out of your mind. Focus on action. Focus only on things that are controllable.

Things will happen in your life that are out of your control. So be it. It happens to everybody. Great people do not spend one ounce of energy worrying or fearing things the results of things that have happened in the past. They stay focused on the future. They keep their dreams in the forefront of their mind – feeling and visualizing their fulfillment each and every day.

Stand tall and keep your chin up. Giving up is the only true failure in this world. Do not allow your energy, momentum and enthusiasm to evaporate to the land of the unknown. You are bigger than that. Your goals are way too important. Don’t allow yourself to be “realistic” or to “settle for less”. You are destined for the big things that you want. You were put on this earth to accomplish everything that you want. Disappointment and discouragement are only an indicators that you are on the right path. Stay the course. Hold onto your faith.

Often times the biggest opportunities in your life will be disguised as setbacks. If you can begin to look at every circumstance as an opportunity, your world will transform. More opportunities will find you because you are looking for them. You are open to receiving them.

Thomas Jefferson famously said, “nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

Be very aware of your attitude and your interpretation of the events that occur in your life. Fight to see the positive of every situation. Do not allow yourself to become cynical – under any circumstance. Remember that no matter the situation, your attitude is always 100% in your control. You always have the ability to turn negative into positive. Once you begin focusing on this it will get easier. It will become automatic. You will positively affect everyone around you. You will attract more positive people into your life and repel people who are negative. All future setbacks will become new opportunities.