Photo by Andy Cross/The Denver Post

Gov. Polis released guidelines for restaurants to reopen this week, provided that the establishments follow social distancing rules such as limiting the number of patrons and frequently sanitizing seating areas. There was a gray area as to whether bars and breweries could open under these guidelines as well, as many serve food in addition to drinks, and the guidelines only specify establishments with food and specifically says “All bars must remain closed to in-person patrons (take-out permitted, e.g. beer sales/cocktail kits from a brewery).”

However, Polis stated that bars and breweries that served food could open as well, so long as they follow he same protocol as restaurants.

Polis commented on the contradiction, saying that regardless of their specialty in food or beverage, establishments can reopen to in-house eating and drinking as long as they’re not acting as a “social free-for-all.”

“The key concept is not the food,” Polis said. “Essentially, what we’re talking about is the social environment of these businesses.”

Polis’ press secretary elaborated on this, saying, “Establishments can form partnerships with neighboring restaurants to provide food (like, for example, Carboy in Denver), or can partner with food trucks,” he said. “Light snacks (like bar nuts) or things that are commercially prepared somewhere else and heated up in a microwave on premises (like Hot Pockets) don’t count as food service. Allowing patrons to bring in their own takeout or order food from an app does not count either.”

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