In recent years Boulder has become one of the top start-up cities in the nation, cultivating and opening new businesses left and right. That being said, developing a new business is still hard work and the beginning stages are critical to a start-ups launch. In the midst of this start-up incubator is Boomtown, the start-up for all start-ups. Launched in 2014 by former Crispin Porter + Bogusky principal Alex Bogusky as well as Toby Krout, Jose Vieitez and Stephen Groth among others, Boomtown is a start-up accelerator that helps new businesses get off the ground.


Boomtown offers a 12-week program that mentors companies and their teams in the developing stages of business, providing them with the most essential tools to succeed in their fields. Resources provided through the program include: branding and logo design, marketing, usability testing, top mentors in the business world, thousands of dollars in perks and benefits, office space in downtown Boulder and a demo/portfolio day at the conclusion of the program for top angels and VCs. In addition to those resources, $20k is funded for the company, partially for business growth but partly so that teams can focus solely on business development and not be concerned with other costs like food or rent.


In order to provide such incredible resources in their program Boomtown partners with many different companies that want to participate in the accelerator process. For example, Silicon Valley Bank provides accelerator companies with free banking services, TalentRiot is the go-to team for all technical engineering, branding is provided by Boulder’s own Atomic20 and the list goes on.


This program however, is not available to everyone—Boomtown selects only eight to ten companies from the applicants to take part in their program that runs twice a year. Companies are chosen based on a few main characteristics: the strength of the idea, the strength of the team, potential for growth and finally Boomtown’s ability to deliver enough resources and connections to be of value to the start-up.


Generally, Boomtown’s program is geared more towards companies involved with technology however each company is considered individually and exceptions are certainly made. Additionally, a company does not have to be based in Boulder or even Colorado to be considered for Boomtown’s program. After the program ends, teams may take their company’s to any location they would like. In return for their accelerator program, Boomtown receives 6% stock ownership in every company that completes the program. In their debut year alone Boomtown had over 170 companies worldwide apply, of those applicants six were selected for the program. Boomtown’s portfolio includes but is not limited to: Kickfurther, ThrivePass, Media Nest, BitsBox and Parkifi.