According to a recent article on MSN, Boulder is America’s most educated city.

It comes as no surprise, looking at Boulder‘s wide diversity in  higher education programs. First, there’s University of Colorado Boulder: An expansive college that’s been in Boulder since 1877. Then, there’s Naropa: a liberal arts college that’s also one of America’s only buddhist universities. There’s also Boulder‘s College of Massage Therapy: where people learn the art of relaxation. Finally, there’s Escoffier: School of Culinary Arts, which is a culinary college that likely contributes to Boulder‘s incredible food scene.

This also may be part of the reason that Boulder was chosen as the #1 College Town in America, but that’s a story for another day,


But you must be wondering–just how educated is Boulder? Well, here’s some statistics, followed by some perspective:

58.5% of people in Boulder have a bachelor degree. As of March 2012, only 30.4% of Americans (over the age of 25) have a bachelor degree.

$71,604 is the median household income in BoulderAs of 2013, the median U.S. household income was $51,900.

$44,060 is the median earnings for people with bachelor degrees in Boulder. I’m unable to find a good statistic comparing this to America’s average, but if you really want a comparison, $0.00 is the median earnings for people with bachelor degrees on Mars.

13.9% is the poverty rate. As of September 2014, America has a 14.5% poverty rate.

In short, Boulder is smart. We have an incredibly diverse set of colleges, a lot of successful people with bachelor degrees, and a very comfortable median income. What more could a city ask for?