The Michelin Guide, renowned worldwide, is the ultimate culinary accolade. Earning a coveted Michelin star is a testament to a restaurant’s exceptional quality, creativity, and service. It’s not just about food; it’s about creating a unique dining experience that lingers in the memory of patrons. This honor can elevate a restaurant’s reputation and attract discerning diners from around the globe, cementing its status in the gastronomic elite.

BASTA a wood-fired Italian restaurant nestled within an East Boulder apartment complex, has achieved a remarkable accolade—it’s earned recognition from the renowned Michelin Guide. This marks a historic moment for Colorado, as the Michelin Guide and its prestigious awards have made their debut in the state.

BASTA, deriving its name from the Italian word “enough,” commenced its journey in 2010. This charming establishment, nestled in Boulder, Colorado, began with just one wood-fired oven. Through its commitment to time-honored culinary techniques blended seamlessly with modern innovation, BASTA has not only crafted delectable dishes but also nurtured a passionate and loyal community at its heart.