In3corp is a key global supply chain consulting and auditing service. Founded in 2000, they are now a huge worldwide company, expanding into Asia, where they have a partner branch in India. In3corp’s job is to help clients discover and identify specific opportunities for optimization. With expertise and precision, In3corp works hard to find transaction errors between companies and their suppliers. They specialize in royalty verification programs, cost recovery, and avoidance and mitigation. In3corp identifies the lost costs and revenues, which enables them to mitigate future shortfalls or excesses. In3corp is the key acting agent that helps companies find these financial errors to bring back lost money to clients that they didn’t know was lost. Through increased controls, best practices, and enhanced visibility into real world business practices, In3corp adds significant value.

In3corps’s website has a quote from their president and CEO Miguel Zavala-Allen which states, “Our staff is well-trained to minimize intrusion while maximizing impact. Each field staff member is cognizant of industry practices and supply strategies. Each has extensive knowledge of research methodologies and of financial controls. This experience allows us to conduct our research and analysis independently.” In3corp is a global company that has many multinational clients depending on them for ongoing audits and financial review. Each audit project is unique to each individual business, because they are focused on targeting each specific business’s need. They are different from other financial auditors because they do all the work. Instead of telling their clients that they failed to receive a specific payment from a company, they go to that company directly to do the job for them. In3corp values its strong relationships with their clients built on trust. This company is grounded on information, insight, and integrity. Through audits that reveal specific cost-avoidance and savings opportunities, their services work to help businesses improve its bottom line, resulting in aligning their clients with optimal workflows.

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