“Let’s begin practice by lying on our backs, with our sacrum and legs extending up against the wall.”

The class eagerly responded as such.

Nestled into position in the cozily lit room of Nederland, Colorado’s Tadasana Mountain Yoga Studio, I began to relax while simultaneously awaiting the next set of instructions.

Kim, our teacher for the morning, gently guided us through the hour-and-a-half-long routine. “Breathe deeply and notice your thoughts. Are they ruminating, or are you present in the given moment? As we move throughout today’s practice, I highly encourage you to leave all desires for perfection at the door. Simply just be.”

Along came the rest—a series of restorative postures combined with an alignment-based Vinyasa flow. A restorative flow, to be exact. Mats positioned on either side of the wooden floor, facing the center, we were led through twists, bends, inversions, and standing positions. What specifically piqued my interest about this particular yoga session was the way we held each pose. Rather than the fast-paced flow-style classes that tend to dominate most studios, Kim articulately instructed us to maintain posture for prolonged periods of time. It definitely had an impact; I could adequately feel the energy pulsating throughout my body.

By the time class was finished, my mind felt at peace and my limbs sufficiently loose. I thanked Kim for the practice, and blissfully walked out of the studio into the crisp autumn air.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a thoroughly rejuvenating yoga class, and I feel this one in particular deserves mention. I happened upon this studio by chance. Even though I frequent the sleepy little mountain town of Nederland dozens of times a year—mostly for hiking and snowboarding at nearby Eldora—never once did I realize that they also have a yoga studio.

Like the town itself, this studio is a hidden gem. Walking in, I could almost immediately feel a sense of warmth emanate throughout the single-roomed practice space. There was an all-levels mix of students in this particular class, and our instructor efficiently accommodated each individual, no matter what stage of practice they were at. She willingly demonstrated challenging poses, offering both intensifications and modifications when needed. And she was certainly not without a great sense of humor; more than once we found ourselves laughing. Clearly, Tadasana Mountain Yoga is synonymous for connection and community.

As the seasons change and the leaves burst with radiant fall colors, it’s likely many of you are looking for some mountain playtime before the weather turns off. I highly recommend visiting Nederland for these very reasons. It makes for a perfect daytrip.

Located roughly 16 miles from Boulder, the town is easily accessible via Boulder Canyon Drive. To complement your early morning hike (Suggestion: Lost Lake Trail), unwind and relax at Tadasana Mountain Yoga. In addition to offering a variety of yoga classes, the studio also boasts Reiki, acupuncture, and massage therapy sessions. There are multiple wellness treatments to choose from to fit your individual needs. If you are new to the studio, be sure to take advantage of their introductory price: 14 days of unlimited yoga for only $25.

Interested in furthering your yoga education or embarking on a new adventure? On top of everything else, Tadasana Mountain Yoga also hosts a good selection of events, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings to actively take part in. Or, if you’re simply looking for a drop-in class, no problem at all; the studio offers those too. From vigorous Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes to gentle restorative flows and meditation sessions, yoga is the perfect complement to your mountain “staycation” in Nederland.

Once class is over, go out and explore the rest of the town. Top off your practice with a delicious honey latte or spicy chai—the perfect autumn drinks—from New Moon Bakery, or The Train Cars Coffee and Yogurt Company. If you’ve sufficiently worked up a post-yoga appetite by the time noon hits, check out Nederland’s unique selection of restaurants (I am particularly fond of the Crosscut Pizzeria and James Peak Brewery for their vegan selections).

When all is said and done, reflect back on your adventurous day with a light walk along the creek, or pop into a boutique before journeying home. Both Nederland and Tadasana Mountain Yoga welcome you with open arms at your next visit.

Amanda Cruz is a freelance writer, editor and certified yoga teacher. Holding a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder, her passion for the written word runs deep. Starting out as a prelaw student, her direction eventually unfolded into the realms of health and wellness, through the art of storytelling. An avid lover of adventure, Amanda makes nature her playground, and movement her medicine. Now, as a fulltime freelancer, you’ll find her behind a keyboard crafting content in topics ranging from meditation to circadian rhythm–inquiring and pondering along the way. As an editor, she enjoys adapting to multiple projects and mediums. Need literary guidance on a novel, or thesis development for an academic article? Challenge accepted! When not glued to her desk or locked to a book, Amanda will be cutting through slopes on her snowboard or traversing up mountains. To view her latest written pieces, visit her at https://www.tuneus.com, where she is a contributing writer and editor for an up-and-coming holistic health organization.