What a difference a space makes

I write this from my new digs, and I realize that options are a beautiful thing. Options. The will to choose one, some, or none, is an elemental gift to humans.

In the Waldorf tradition, and the Native American tradition, two ways of life that make sense to me, I feel the primordial satisfaction when I honor the elements of nature and human beings. You know how good it feels to garden, to drink tea in the morning sun, to watch children run in a yard, or to camp by a river. Add the element of choice, of all the options you could do, and life seems like a blessing.

Motivation to choose comes and goes. Some days, to get out of bed is the best choice you can make. Celebrate that choice. On a better day, you feel open and spacious about all the ways you can spend your time.

Your time is the most limited resource. I always knew this, but after I had kids, it slapped me in the face. When you think about how much longer you have on Earth, and how you will maximize your time here, relish in the options, but don’t stay in the in-between for too long.

Pick somewhere to work, something to write, the tea you want to drink. Pick your next activity by using your head and your heart. You need money? It’s time to get creative and work in a way that will bring it in. That’s why we focused so much on goals at the beginning of the year. It’s much easier to stay clear and less overwhelmed when you have a larger sketch of what you want to accomplish in life, and specifically, this year.

Children grow fast, circumstances change, and we reassess. For today, take a moment to relax into your options. Refuse to get overwhelmed and assume a perspective of luckiness and grace. Sure, there is always so much to do. Sometimes it’s easy to spin out. Yet in the grand scheme of it all, your options are gifts.

I lived for 7 years in my former home. It was perfect when my husband and I moved in. But we outgrew it, and space was limited. I didn’t realize until we just moved again, how important it is to have room to roam.

As we know in Boulder, space is a huge commodity. Sometimes it’s just not a reality to be able to move right away. It takes an overview of options, a plan, and consistent execution. The point is, you have options. If you’re suffering from choices that don’t serve you anymore, it’s time to reassess.

You can begin the process of reassessing when you change your attitude. If you find yourself blaming or terrified of the change, your first step is to get an attitude adjustment. No one is responsible for you except you.

Take time in nature, and convince your psyche that you have options on how you want to perceive your life. When you catch yourself thinking about how cursed you are, think about a way you overcame a tough situation. Continue to find more positivity in your thoughts, and you’ve arrived at the next step.

Now that your attitude is ready for prosperity, you now can relish in the options for a given time. Warning: Too much relishing and too little action will not get you to your goal. Yet relish 100% when you do, so that the options present themselves as needed.

To know how much relishing is too much is a tough one to realize in a timely manner. If you know your propensity is to daydream, then stay on guard about over-dreaming and under-doing. If you are impulsive, stay in dream and scheme mode a little longer. Refer to your goals when necessary.

It helps if your partner is the opposite of you, so you can keep each other in check. If you’re solo, get a guide to reflect back to you all the ways you go about change. Coaching a motivated decision-maker is my favorite thing to do.

Once you have the options on the table for your decision, make sure you do go over it with a friend or professional. When you talk out loud about something, it can bring so much light to the situation. And when someone can properly reflect back to you, your limitations are highlighted so they’re not in the shadows anymore. Then you can move through barriers easier than if you were to go it alone.

Now you’ve chosen the options that make the most sense to your head and heart. You’re ready for an action plan. A coach can definitely help guide the process, here too.

Schedule events out. Write it down in the calendar. Envision yourself getting what you want. Stay motivated through continual attitude adjustments as needed. Make your dreams come true.

It really is that simple. If you don’t believe me, then your attitude is where to start. Let’s simplify the process one more time. You can write the steps down and post them in your home or office to keep you motivated. I like to keep the perspective of a game. This keeps it light, fun, and focused.


  1. Attitude Adjustment
  2. Day Dream your Options
  3. Choose the Direction
  4. Strategize

Happy Monday, go forth and conquer your fears and accept the dreams that are meant for you.

Kate Galt writes the Motivation Monday Blog for AboutBoulder.com.

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