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Alright, Christmas break is over and class is going to start again for CU in a few days. If you were like me and told yourself you were going to work out every day of break but didn’t, don’t worry! CU’s rec center is kicking off the Spring semester with FREE fitness classes! These classes will include, but are not limited to: Yoga, Cardio, Glutes, Core and More, Pilates, and Cycling. They are being offered on January 16th to January 22nd, but wait there’s more! Martial arts AND dance classes are also free from January 23rd to January 28th. Make sure you jump on this offer because how often do you have the opportunity to do a work out class for free? It’s also a great way to start off the new year by getting your body in shape, and who knows, one of these classes might change your view on working out. Just to add another bonus, students who purchase the Be Fit passes during this time will receive $10 off. Grab some friends and make working out fun!

P.S. Intramural Sports and Sports Club meetings will be taking place at the Rec during this time as well. For more information go to