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Today, 1/08/2015, at Legion Park

Like a classic “look-out point” Legion Park sits on a hill peering over Boulder, the Valmont Reservoir, and the foothills leading up to the Continental Divide. You can count on most every nice sunny day (which happens a lot in Boulder) that the parking lot at Legion Park, managed by Boulder County, will be almost full of cars. The park can be found right on Arapahoe, between 65th and 75th streets.

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Park patrons can stay seated in their cars, just like an old drive-in theater, to watch the sun set over our little mountain town.  Or if you like you can explore down the trail. Right now there is ice and mud on parts of the short trail, but its still a beautiful site. A good place for a warm-weather picnic! Just remember that the park is open from sunrise to sunset and glass containers are not allowed.

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Visitors can find signs of animals on the less frequented trail. The raccoon hand print seen here seems like it could be from a small child, but those long, sharp nails say otherwise. Keep your eyes and ears open for signs of wildlife.

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One of the greatest things about the sunset in Boulder is that it changes daily, the mountains look different by the minute in the fading light.

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Check out the short video I took at Legion Park today


Lizzie works as a seasonal for City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, spending her days among the flora and fauna of Boulder both on and off the job. When it comes to knowing what to do and whats going on in the numerous open spaces around Boulder, Lizzie is your girl. After graduating from the University of Texas with a Geography: Environmental Resource Management degree, she came to Salida, CO to work in the San Juan National Forest and surrounding areas on a trail crew. Previously she has worked for Boulder County Parks and Open Space, other trail crews, and as an environmental educator. She has a passion for spreading environmental knowledge and bringing nature straight to the people.