Photo credit: Lily Lemire

This weekend is parents weekend and there are SO many things to do with parents, especially if they are from out of town. CU, of course, has a list of activities for parents to do but doing your own fun planned activities is how you can get the most out of parent’s weekend. Some things to consider doing:

  1. There are tons of good restaurants on pearl street to check out, my personal favorite is Hapa Sushi, they have great happy hour deals from 2-5! Also be sure to check out the Sink, which is located on the Hill. Get the sink burger, it does not disappoint. If parents are thinking about brunch, The Buff is an absolute must. Big portions, reasonable prices, and it is beyond delicious.
  2. The biggest attraction is probably the football game against OSU on Saturday at 12:30pm. This is an early game which means students will be up pregaming around 8am. Bring your parents to the tailgates! Parents are welcome everywhere and it is a great way to show them how much fun you have at school!
  3. For Freshman students, and parents who are visiting for the first time, show them around our campus. Get a coffee at the Laughing Goat located inside of Norlin Library, and show them where you have classes. Maybe take them to the bookstore and make them buy you a bunch of CU gear!
  4. It’s supposed to be sunny and in the high seventies all weekend so if tickets were not purchased for the game, go on a hike instead! Chautauqua, the Royal Arch (pretty rigorous trail), and flagstaff are all great places that really show off how beautiful Colorado is. Also the higher you go up, the better the overview of campus is which is pretty cool to see.

Parents weekend is always fun because who doesn’t love hanging out and partying with the people who created you? I hope everyone’s parents have a great weekend! (Don’t get them too drunk lol).

Lily is a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder and will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies along with a certificate in Business. She is originally from Scarborough, Maine, but decided to venture to Colorado for it's beauty and to get back in touch with her birth place which is Boulder. She is a Film Studies major because she is very interested in the behind the scenes of what goes into making a film. Not only that, but her favourite hobby in the world is to watch movies. She recently went abroad to Sydney, Australia to get a taste of a different culture. While being there, she learned to not take life too seriously, and to slow things down. The Australian lifestyle can really teach a person how to be chill. You can find Lily at the movies, hanging on Pearl Street having a beer with friends, or at the breathtaking lookout of Flagstaff enjoying the view.