According to Redfin, in August 2023 the housing market in Boulder County exhibited several noteworthy trends compared to the previous year:

  1. Price Decline: Home prices in Boulder County experienced a 4.5% decrease compared to the same month in the previous year. This decline suggests a potential shift in the local real estate market, which could be influenced by various factors such as economic conditions, supply and demand dynamics, or changes in buyer preferences.
  2. Median Price: The median home price in the area was $711,000. This figure serves as an indicator of the middle point of home prices in the region, highlighting the typical price range that buyers and sellers are encountering. It’s worth noting that while prices decreased year-over-year, Boulder County still commands a relatively high median price, which may be influenced by its location, amenities, and desirability.
  3. Days on Market: Homes in Boulder County took an average of 41 days to sell in August 2023, which is slightly longer compared to the previous year when the average was 39 days. This uptick in the time it takes to sell a home suggests that buyers may have more options or are taking their time to make purchasing decisions. It could also reflect a more balanced market between buyers and sellers.
  4. Number of Sales: The number of homes sold in August 2023 was 376, a decrease from the 445 homes sold in the same month the previous year. This decline in sales volume could be related to various factors, including changes in economic conditions, affordability challenges, or fluctuations in housing supply.

Overall, these statistics indicate that the Boulder County real estate market in August 2023 experienced a decrease in home prices, a slight increase in the time it takes to sell a home, and a decrease in the number of homes sold compared to the previous year. These changes may be indicative of evolving market conditions and could impact both buyers and sellers in the area.