When you think of traveling, you need to work out several variables. How you will travel comes to mind as you need to figure out the best way to get to your destination. When you think of going to Niagara Falls coming from NYC, there are several ways you can go. 

The fall is between the US and Canadian border, approximately 400 miles from NYC. You will need to be smart on how you will make this trip. Depending on your needs, there are a few top ways that you can consider using when going to Niagara Falls. 

Take A Flight

When you think of 400 miles, you think of hours of travel; that’s not the case when you hop on a flight from NYC to Niagara Falls; you can take a flight from NYC to Buffalo to reach the fall. This is just one flight idea that you can explore. 

You can also get on a plane to Toronto from NYC to reach the falls. One thing is a constant thought after you arrive, whether, in Buffalo or Toronto, you will need to drive at least an hour to Niagara Falls. Both flights are also less than an hour from NYC – you will travel quickly. 

United, Delta, and JetBlue are airline companies that offer non-stop flights from New York. You can also opt for the one-day tour by air which will take approximately 14 hours. This will include a round-trip airfare between NYC and Buffalo. 

Organized Tour

The next way you can get to Niagara Falls from NYC is through an organized tour. This is one of the most popular ways as you get to explore quite a lot through the trip. You will get to see the fall from both the Canadian and the American sides when you opt for the tour. You can also get to explore the state park when you opt for the Niagara Falls bus tours during your stay. When you opt for this bus tour, your day will start as early as 7:00 AM – you’ll need to get up early. Your journey will, in most cases, start from Midtown, and you will travel through Upstate. 

On this tour, you will get to see the illuminated falls from the Canadian side. You will also get an overnight stay as you can’t go back the same day you came. You will also feel a new side of the tour on your way back with various great stops, including bargain shopping. 

By Car

You can also opt to drive to Niagara Falls if you have the heart for it or want to explore the trip on your terms. First, you need to remember that the journey is 400 miles; you must be mentally prepared for that long drive. 

There are several attraction sites that you can stop and get a feel off when you are driving all the way. This trip will take you at least 7 – 8 hours, but it can be longer considering the various stops you will be making. You will then need to add more time for when you will be crossing the border if you are visiting the Canadian side of the Falls. 

You can take either I-80 West or via I-81 N, and you can connect to I-90 West. This is dependent on where exactly you are coming from. With the bus tour, you need to have left by 7:00 AM; you need to get on the road much earlier if you will be driving. 


You can also opt for the train if you want to get to the Niagara region. Between New York and Niagara, you have Amtrak lines connecting them. You will need to get on an Empire Service to Niagara Falls if you come from NYC. 

Your destination will be the Niagara Fall International Train Station and the Intermodal Transportation Center from Penn Station in Manhattan. When you opt for the Empire Service train, you have daily options as it operates daily. Here, you can book either the Reserved Coach Class or the Business Class. 

This ride will take approximately 9 hours, but you will get to explore a new side of the travel that air or road doesn’t give you. There are stops in Syracuse, Albany, Rochester, and Buffalo. When you are there, it will be less than 10 minutes to Niagara Falls State Park. 

If you want to feel Niagara Falls on either the American or the Canadian side, there are these four top ways that you can use it. Each one will give you a new experience, and you will get to explore much more than you have in mind. Feel free to explore any of the above ideas to Niagara Falls from NYC.