In this blog: A survival guide for baby Buffs.

How crazy it is to think soon I’ll be a senior at CU Boulder. What’s even more crazy to think is how four short years ago I was a freshman at this fantastic school, beginning my journey as a college student. I’ve said hello and goodbye to college courses, some of which I, for a second, had me convinced that maybe German Studies or History was the perfect major for me, only to realize hell nooo. Walking onto the CU campus as a Freshman and into my first college course was one of the most petrifying moment in life. However, these moments of complete fear can lead to strength, new friendships and life long realizations. So, all of you baby buffs, here is the DL on freshman year and how to survive the ups & the downs.

  1. Roommate. A majority of the time you’ll think, “My roommate is completely weird.” The rest of you will think, “My roommate and I are going to be best friends.” The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t really matter which side of the dice you’ve landed on. As an incoming freshman, you shouldn’t cling yourself to anyone, but you also shouldn’t avoid friendships. Keep an open mind and attempt friendship with the people you meet. This way, you’ll figure out who you want to be friends with and who you really don’t click well with. This can sometime be hard considering freshman year of college is equivalent to our first year in middle school. So awkward.
  2. Have an idea of what you want to do and what you want to be by the start of freshman year. Even if you aren’t completely positive, usually you’ll have a general idea, and that general idea can blossom. Everyone says you have until sophomore year to choose what you want to do, but that’s not entirely true. I’ve been taking 18 credits a semester for two years simply because I changed my field of study. With that being said, the journalism program directed me towards advertising, and advertising led me to business. Which leads me to #3…
  3. Don’t settle for one thing, because you don’t have to. Variety is possible in college and the more the better. Nobody has ever graduated and said, “Damn, I wish I didn’t have a minor in business and economics.” Look into the business minor and look into double majoring. Anything to give you a leg up and to set you apart from the 10,000 kids in Arts & Sciences.
  4. Take advantage of free activities on and off campus. I’m a senior this year and one thing I regret is not exploring the many free activities that CU offers. There are free movie screenings, free cooking class, free free free. Getting involved is a great way to feel at home in a foreign land.
  5. Jump at the opportunity to ____. Whatever. The reason that I met one of my best friends was because she offered to help me carry my groceries from the bus stop to my dorm during the first week of school. So, jump at the opportunity to help someone. The reason I met another one of my best friends was because she, a complete stranger at the time, asked me if I liked Chance the Rapper. I said yes, and she said sweet you should go to the show with me! And I did.

So, what’s the hardest part of growing up? Reaching my senior year and now asking myself this question is petrifying. The hardest part of growing up is realizing you can never go back.