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Love & CU Boulder ~ Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

February 11th, 2022

Consider this: As a student we have four years of meeting an absurd amount of people from all across the US, and even more so, from all across the world. It seems that there has always and will always be varying opinions over whether or not being in a relationship during the four short years of our undergraduate lives should be spent with someone, with many, or alone. Whether you think that college isn’t the time for commitment or you’re on the opposing side, Valentines Day brings out the loving side in all of us (or at least the parts of us that don’t want to be alone). So, what... Read More

Does College Foster Immaturity?

January 14th, 2022

There’s more reasons for wanting to attend college than to get a degree. Many students admit that one up side to a college life in the 4 year limbo between true responsibility and childhood. Although we are, in a way, securing our futures, it’s hard to actually call ourselves “adults”. In fact, a popular quote of our generation is “Don’t make me adult today.” But why would we? Even with an internship or a job in conjunction to a full class load students enjoy a freedom void of true responsibility. Is this the truth? Is college an extension of high school,... Read More

What’s The Hardest Part About Growing Up?

January 12th, 2021

In this blog: A survival guide for baby Buffs. How crazy it is to think soon I’ll be a senior at CU Boulder. What’s even more crazy to think is how four short years ago I was a freshman at this fantastic school, beginning my journey as a college student. I’ve said hello and goodbye to college courses, some of which I, for a second, had me convinced that maybe German Studies or History was the perfect major for me, only to realize hell nooo. Walking onto the CU campus as a Freshman and into my first college course was one of the most petrifying moment in life. However, these moments... Read More

Who Would Win In A Fight?

August 30th, 2019

The Rocky Mountain Showdown has notoriously brought out the worst (or best) of the rivalry between CU and CSU. Each year, the Rams and Buffs compete not only on the field but off the field, too. Students wear their schools gear, talk mad sh** to each other, and pray that their team wins. This year, the CSU mascot Cam the Ram died before making it to Sports Authority Field. Some think that his death was a bad omen, causing the Ram’s to lose the game, while others believe that Cam sacrificed himself for the sins of the CSU kicker. Either way though, the Buffs came out on top this year. The... Read More

In Memory of My Undergraduate Self

April 30th, 2016

Everything I wish I had known as an incoming freshman and everything I’ve learned through the past four years as an undergraduate at CU. This post is dedicated to Lauryn Ratashak, and all of the other incoming freshman. Shout out to you, baby buffs! 1. Go to frat parties as a freshman, because once you’re a sophomore, you won’t want to. 2. Know that there are 30,000 people on the CU campus. This means that there are endless opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. With that being said, don’t tie yourself to one person; which is easy to do as a freshman. 3.... Read More

A CU Class Takes A Stand Against Extremism

March 31st, 2016

At every campus there are opportunities to be involved in various groups, organizations and events. When we dig deeper, we realize that not only are there opportunities to become apart of something that we as students, and as individuals, are passionate about, but there are ways to truly make a difference in the world as a whole, through campus offerings. A program called Peer 2 Peer Challenging Extremism, developed and run by EdVenture Partners, has asked “university students from around the world to develop and execute campaigns and social media strategies against extremism that are credible,... Read More

How to Plan A Graduation Party

March 3rd, 2016

As a senior, the thought of graduation brews a mixture of different emotions, from anxiety to excitement. We are halfway through spring semester and with that comes the need to organize and plan – and not just for midterms. Various spaces throughout Boulder have already been booked for graduation parties, which means those of us who haven’t thought much up party planning are behind the curve. Here is what you should do: – Decide if you want to have your graduation party at home or at a venue. – If you decide venue, make a list of the places that fit your wants and needs. –... Read More

Broke and Broken Hearted

February 11th, 2016

For all of the dateless students this V-Day: Here is what you should do this weekend. -Find a stop light party. Chances are, you won’t be the only one wearing green. -Go on a hike. The weather is beautiful, the Flatirons are close by, and there is no better way to forget about the romance then to hike alone or with friends. -Hit up happy hour with your bros or girlfriends. Who said that love needs to be romantic? -Go skydiving. You will love the adrenaline just as much as you could love a partner. -Spoil yourself. Nothing says V-Day like loving yourself. You’ve worked hard, now shop... Read More

The Things All Students Should Let Go Of Come 2016

December 10th, 2015

With the new year approaching it’s time to reflect on the past semester, past year, and decide what our resolutions for 2016 will be. First things first: What were our mistakes this past year? What are the things we should say goodbye to? 1) Any hate towards a specific professor – Everyone has a least favorite. However, with this semester coming to an end, the only way to let it go is to accept, forget and move on. For every one bad teacher at CU, there are 100 great ones. 2) The thought of, “I could have done better.” – The past is the past. Make a resolution to change... Read More

Food For Thought (Literally)

December 3rd, 2015

The best foods for your brain during finals — It seems that studying makes us hungry – that is, hungrier than usual. Boulder is full of delicious restaurants, but which ones are best for a studying student? Heres the DL: 1) Yellow Belly – Not too expensive, and you can get a little bit of everything. Some carbs, some protein and some vegetables. A popular combination includes grilled chicken, green beans and potatoes. $5-$8 2) Chipotle – The benefits of chipotle are obvious; you can get a lot of everything, in which every ingredient is non-GMO, no antibiotic and local. Chipotle... Read More

Friendsgiving Recipes

November 19th, 2015

Students! Many of you won’t be headed home for the holiday and instead will be confined to Boulder and whomever else has also decided to skip the family affair. Thanksgiving is usually a time to gather with siblings, grandparents and cousins. However, for those of us who stay in Boulder, Thanksgiving can take on a new aroma: one scented by friends. This is Friendsgiving! Honestly, you don’t even necessarily need to stay in Boulder for Thanksgiving in order to have Friendsgiving. Many students are simply using the gathering as a way to celebrate friendship with food. Here are some of... Read More

Why Buy the Be Fit Pass?

November 12th, 2015
photo via http://www.colorado.edu/recreation/fitness-wellness

The Be-Fit pass that CU offers students is between $50-$75 a semester depending on when you buy it. Although this sounds like a solid amount of cash to hand over to the University, it easily qualifies as one of the best purchase decisions I’ve made this past semester, and I plan on making it again in the Spring. The Be-Fit passes give you, as a student, access to any and all of the fitness classes offered during the week and on Sundays. Everyday there are dozens of classes, many of which are completely different from one another. To name a few, zumba, cycling, yoga, and power barre are all... Read More

Snow Leads To Bad Habits

November 5th, 2015

The winter season is around the corner and CU students are preparing for skiing, Fall break and of course, snow. This is what we CU students do when the snow falls: 1) Procrastinate. Snow means cold weather, and cold weather means movie nights. It seems that many students use the falling snow as a perfect excuse to cuddle up with a hot tottie, their roommates and a few scary films. 2) Ditch. Can we really call it “ditching”, though? Skipping class is one thing if you’re ditching because of a nasty hangover, but skipping class to ski? That’s a whole other story. Living... Read More

How To Stay Safe This Halloweekend

October 29th, 2015

Safety first, Buffs! 1.Always have a buddy. Never leave a party alone or let your friends leave without you. If you want to stay and others want to leave, make sure you have at least one friend with you. Halloween means parties on top of parties – lots going on. It’s easy to get lost, so having a buddy is a must. 2.Don’t take any vitamins. The Hill will be explosive with parties, parties and more parties this weekend. Resist the urge to take things that people give you (other than wrapped candy, that is) because you never truly know a strangers intentions. 3.If you can’t... Read More

Changing Leaves and Magical Views

October 15th, 2015

The complementing reds of our buildings and the reds of the changing leaves make the CU campus unlike any other in the world. The history in our Oak’s speak loudly during this time of year, as they drop their yellow, brown and red leaves across the sidewalks and grass, making it impossible to not take a picture as one walks by. Check out campus through the eyes of students –        Read More

Not-So-Typical Guide to Midterms

October 8th, 2015

If you’re anything like me, midterms are the time for procrastination and self-inflicted stress. Sometimes, it’s hard to study a week, or even a few days, before a test. Since freshman year I have studied in a crunch-time sort of way. That is, the night before an exam. Although this method definitely works (most of the time) to get me the grade that I desire, it definitely doesn’t work to provide long-term gains in knowledge. I think that hardest part about this is coming to term with the fact that grades aren’t everything. Once this is known, studying becomes more for the... Read More

Tailgating 101

September 11th, 2015

Tailgate like a Buff! – or like a buff should, that is. I’ve always wished that CU had more of a tailgating culture, but as time goes on, I’ve realized that tailgating is what we make it. CU alumni seem to be the tailgating pros, other than the fact that they usually don’t get as rowdy as I would like to see CU students get. Tailgating means school pride, and although our football team isn’t #1, whatever. Football is a great excuse to wear black&gold, listen to good music, drink Bloody Mary’s and play beer pong in the parking lot. Necessities: Games –... Read More

Fall Party Inspiration

August 14th, 2015

Party like it’s 1989 – or 2015. The idea is to explore party themes past the typical ugly sweater and commit to throwing an out-of-this-world soirée. My inspiration behind the idea for this blog were two things: One, my roommates and my idea of throwing an all out, combined birthday party for all three of us. This idea quickly escalated into a birthday/sexy santa christmas party – and two, the W Magazine photoshoot that featured a cast of VIP party animals, including Miley Cyrus, Emily Ratajkowski and Stella Maxwell. Being a college student, I’ve dreamed of hosting... Read More

Apparently, Boulder’s Expensive

July 24th, 2015

Living in Boulder has always felt like a privilege. From the Flatiron views to the The Kitchen on Pearl Street, Boulder is a city unlike any other in Colorado – or in America, for that matter. Being a student  living in Boulder though is both difficult and stressful because of the financial pressure that accompanies a city as expensive as Boulder. According to an article published on MSN earlier this week, “Goods and services in Boulder cost about 9% more than they do nationwide and about 7% more than they do across the state. Higher incomes usually accompany higher living costs,... Read More

New & Noteworthy – Young Entrepreneurs Make CU Proud

June 26th, 2015

The CU Boulder campus is jam packed with creative, innovative and savvy-minded students. Denver, and Colorado as a whole, is thriving – It’s rapid growth due to the hundreds of thousands of people who are moving to the CO each month can be contributed to the economic success of the state. Much of this success is due to the explosion of small yet successful businesses popping up across Colorado, from dispensaries to breweries. A new App called Free & For Sale is launching in August. Not only will this App change the way that we buy and sell used items within our local communities,... Read More