Everything I wish I had known as an incoming freshman and everything I’ve learned through the past four years as an undergraduate at CU.

This post is dedicated to Lauryn Ratashak, and all of the other incoming freshman. Shout out to you, baby buffs!

1. Go to frat parties as a freshman, because once you’re a sophomore, you won’t want to.
2. Know that there are 30,000 people on the CU campus. This means that there are endless opportunities to meet new people and make new friends. With that being said, don’t tie yourself to one person; which is easy to do as a freshman.
3. Get to know your professors. This will open so many doors, including long term networking opportunities.
4. Long distance relationships…not the best way to start your freshman year.
5. Take as many “fun” classes as you can! Know that any class you would want to take is included in tuition, and you should take advantage of this and of all the awesome classes that CU offers.
6. Figure out what you want to major in by the second semester of freshman year. It’s not true what people say: you DO need to know early on, or else you’ll end up having to take 18 credits for two years in a row in order to graduate on time.
7. Live on the hill for at lease at year. Live near pearl your senior year.
8. Join a club! It’s a great way to meet people and there are so many different clubs on campus.
9. If you know you’re not going to join a sorority, don’t bother rushing. It’s stressful and superficial.
10. These are the places you have to eat at: Cosmos (spicy ranch), Bova’s (get the Brandon), the Sink, the Med, Foolish Craig’s, Sushi Zanmai, Illegal Petes & Mountain Sun.
11. Support the Buffs! Go to the football games and go to the basketball games.
12. Make sure to get the Farrand grill cheese every Tuesday & Thursday, and also the Pho on Friday’s at the C4C.
13. Make regular appointments with your advisor, but even more so, make sure that you know how to navigate MyCUInfo on your own. You are in charge of your schedule and of keeping yourself on track.
14. Take advantage of help labs if you need help in a class. It’s a free resource!
15. Go to Welcome Fest!
16. Pay attention in class. You physically can’t multitask, and again, you’re paying to be there.
17. Don’t hold back. Do everything you want to do, and do things that you don’t know if you want to do.