The best foods for your brain during finals —

It seems that studying makes us hungry – that is, hungrier than usual. Boulder is full of delicious restaurants, but which ones are best for a studying student? Heres the DL:

1) Yellow Belly – Not too expensive, and you can get a little bit of everything. Some carbs, some protein and some vegetables. A popular combination includes grilled chicken, green beans and potatoes. $5-$8
2) Chipotle – The benefits of chipotle are obvious; you can get a lot of everything, in which every ingredient is non-GMO, no antibiotic and local. Chipotle usually ends with leftover, too, which is perfect for the studying student.
3) Chez Thuy – The Pho at this restaurant is five star. A large bowl of healthy, warm pho is $9, and will keep you full for hours after eating. This is a great study break meal.
4) Smash Burger – If you’re really into burgers than this is obviously a great place to eat. However, Smash Burger also has great salads that are loaded with nutritious ingredients, such as grilled chicken and avocado.
5) Jimmy Johns – They’ll deliver to Norlin. Enough said.
5) Panera Bread – Soup/sandwich, soup/salad, sandwich/salad, bread or apple…so many options!
6) Sushi, in general. Sushi is healthy and fish (salmon specifically) is full of high-quality protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 to give you energy. Another sushi upside? Most of the restaurant in Boulder offer Miso Soup as an appetizer. Super healthy.
7) The Corner – It’s so close to campus and has tons of options: from soup to sandwiches to breakfast burritos. It’s a little pricey, though.