With the new year approaching it’s time to reflect on the past semester, past year, and decide what our resolutions for 2016 will be. First things first: What were our mistakes this past year? What are the things we should say goodbye to?

1) Any hate towards a specific professor – Everyone has a least favorite. However, with this semester coming to an end, the only way to let it go is to accept, forget and move on. For every one bad teacher at CU, there are 100 great ones.

2) The thought of, “I could have done better.” – The past is the past. Make a resolution to change up your study routine next semester if your grades weren’t what you wanted them to be this semester.

3) To the people you want nothing to do with – Whether it be a terrible roommate or ex-someone, focusing on the people who make you and your life better is the key to happiness.

4) Say goodbye to self-doubt – Although we all say “grades aren’t everything,” it’s impossible to not get down on ourselves when we see a C where a B should be. It may not be the happy ending that you expected, but it’s never to late to bring yourself back up and start fresh.

5) To negativity – It’s the #1 thing in the way of having a positive and motivated mindset. Remember, you’re only human and mistakes are expected.

6) Forget the memories that make you unhappy – Learning to live sometimes means acting like a freshman, failing an exam, going out when you should have studied, yelling at a friend because you were mad at yourself; Leave these memories in the past because the new year is a time to start fresh. Take a look in the mirror and realize the things you want to work on.

7) Remember that all good things take time – Your hard work will pay off. Just remember your aspirations, your goals and who you want to be.