Good Morning,

The time change gave us an extra hour. That’s a motivating start to this week. Each November, during the daylight savings change, I make a pact with myself to keep waking up at 6 when it’s really 5, so that it ‘seems’ like I’m waking up earlier, but I just keep the same ‘time’ before we fall back.

Do you say the same thing to yourself?motivation monday

Do you want to be a morning person, but can’t keep a rhythm? I’ll go into depth on this one in a few weeks.

That was me until this year. This year, I woke up at 4am. Well, 4am is just a little too early to justify getting out of bed. But here I am, writing this at 4:44am. I feel fresh and rested after fighting a cold all last week.

There’s nothing like a fresh morning to get planning for the week, for the day, for the year. It’s a time full of potential, and I love potential. I have a lot of ideas, which flow in the early hours. I think to myself, “Self, I could take a walk this morning, I could write my blog, I could write out specific tasks for the week, I could meditate, I could do yoga, I could read an inspirational text…” The potential goes on. I suppose that’s what motivation truly is.

Kate’s definition of Motivation: A series of thoughts and behaviors born from desired goals. Thoughts become organized tasks to reach true potential, which shift into strategic action, and then the amazing human prioritizes action to reach specific and measurable goals.

I hope you are motivated by that definition, you amazing human!
You have an extra hour! What will you do with it? Which category will it come from? Work? Play? Make a good soup? Take a nap?


Recall from last week’s Productivity and Magic, which I will build on each of my blogs. To make sure your day, week, life has balance, choose tasks from each category to stay motivated.

Category 1 Tasks are done to progress toward major projects, and are informed by a personal life mission.

Category 2 Tasks are to keep the body fit/functioning at optimal performance.

Category 3 Tasks are to keep the soul feeling good, usually tasks that are in the flow and feel like no time has passed.

Category 4 Tasks are not tasks at all. They are scheduled downtime to do nothing but follow peaceful and quiet whims.

Each week, I’ll dip into each category to highlight the potential tasks you could try today. Building on my own week’s thoughts and behaviors, I’ll share what my week was like and how I stayed happy and motivated.

Last week was difficult for me to stay motivated with a cold. In order to heal properly, I let myself do many more Category 4 tasks (lots of naps), and gentle category 2 tasks, eating soups, taking supplements, and baths.

The best thing you can do when you’re sick is fully heal.


I meet a lot of people who take their cold with them to meetings, to the grocery, and to the gym. They ‘expect’ it to go away without too much effort to heal. Ma

motivation monday

ybe it will just go away, but a little effort goes a long way in the longevity of your body.

Although I still had to pick up my daughter from school, and the ‘mom’ tasks could

n’t cease, I will make sure to allow complete healing. This goal is not quite achieved yet, as I still need a few days to heal fully. But when I stay alert to what my body needs, and refrain from going full out after the first week of the cold is over, my overall energy will benefit in the long run.

If you’ve caught a cold and expected it to go away, make sure you feel better than you did before you got sick. Catching a cold is a window to greater health afterward, if you can make sure it fully goes away.

If the cold is lingering after a week, I recommend taking 7 baths of 2 quarts hydrogen peroxide, and 4 pounds of Epsom salt for 30 minutes. Sometimes the virus in our system goes to a low level, but still lingers. These baths will most likely get rid of the virus completely.

This applies to you if your cough lingers, if you don’t feel the energy you used to have, or if it the same sickness keeps recurring. Take time to heal now so you can uplevel you health after the cold fully goes away.

If you are in full force, go for it. Remember to balance your tasks in the 4 categories and let me know what mountains you move this week. If you feel crummy, do yourself a favor, take a week or so to slow down, nap, and fully recover so you can step into a fuller force.

I want to hear from you! What topics motivate you, that you want to hear more about? How do you stay motivated? What helped you that you learned from my blog? Leave a eply below!



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