As we jump from the end of February into the beginning of March, a fresh batch of events are waiting to ease the sometimes turbulent transition of the months.  While some of these events may be bigger, sometimes a little reminder is helpful when the end of the month sneaks up on you.  So, let’s get down to business with 3 events to kick off March.


Running from March 2nd through the 5th is the Boulder International Film Festival, or BIFF for short.  This weekend of films from around the world are always unique, inspiring, thought provoking, and so much more.  It is an event that draws people from all across Boulder and surrounding cities to participate in the often once in a lifetime chance to see these films on a big screen.  Some showings even allow time afterward for the director to answer audience questions.  With full length films, to series of shorts, there’s absolutely nothing else like this all year.


On March 3rd through the 19th, CU Boulder is putting on a live performance of the famous Rocky Horror Show.  For those somehow unaware of this cult classic, this musical is part campy sci-fi, filled with colorful characters, all set to 60s beach jams and vintage rock.  After premiering over 40 years ago, this little stage show has become quite the phenomenon.  Tickets are starting at $19 and props will be provided for those in the know.
Also on March 3rd and 4th, in celebration of the Fox’s 25th anniversary, Colorado’s own The String Cheese Incident will be playing for just two nights.  In the nearly 25 years the band has been active, they’ve released 10 albums and done countless live recordings.  They paved the way as one of the first bands to really come about by taking advantage of the internet as a platform.  They’re a local band well worth supporting.

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