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The bars in this city are about as diverse as the people that live here, so you have plenty of options when launching into a night out. Aside from well drinks and beers on tap at the usual places, here are a few of the main stops down along Pearl Street that you should be sure to hit:

Where: Bohemian Biergarten
What to get: the Boot
It’s two liters of any beer on tap served in a huge glass shaped like a boot. What could be better? Swing by for a boot on Tuesdays and they’re only $8, or come by on Wednesdays to fuel up before karaoke. The Czech-style bar is authentic, rowdy, and full of men walking around in suspenders. Beer is good.

Where: Half Fast Subs
What to get: the Strong Island pitcher
Half Fast is known not only for its sandwich menu that goes on for days, but also for its alcoholic pitchers. From the Pink Panther to the Mega-rita, these suckers pack a real punch so be sure you’re ready to commit. The over-all favorite for Half Fast fans everywhere, though, is the Strong Island. It’s a like a long island on steroids served in a huge pitcher and a straw. If you’re really in the know, you ask for a “Sunny Island” where they swap out the Coca-cola for beer to liven things up a bit. Limit is one pitcher per visit … for safety reasons and your own good.

Where: The Walrus Saloon
What to get: the Fishbowl
It’s big, it’s blue, and it comes with a bunch of fun colorful straws! This is definitely a drink meant to be shared, and it is – in fact – served in a fish bowl. Order one of these guys and it’ll launch you into the dancing mood that is so fitting (and sometimes necessary) for a fun night at the Walrus.

Where: The Downer … officially the “Sundown Saloon”
What to get: a pitcher of PBR
The Downer has colorful holiday lights, endless pool tables and darts. The $6 pitchers of Pabst Blue Ribbon just top off the trendy, dive-bar grunge that the place works so hard to maintain. Grab a pitcher and a couple glasses, then sit around, watch people play pool, discuss current events, and keep your eyes peeled for the odd elderly man that looks like Santa Claus. He frequents the Downer and is actually a very nice gentleman.

Where: The Attic
What to get: the Fat Albert
Kool-Aid and vodka. Not a joke. Fat Alberts are only $3 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and they really pack a punch. Grab a drink, then plop yourself down for some arcade games like Pac-Man or Pinball. It’s like you’re a kid again … but with a grown-up Kool-Aid drank.

Where: The Rio
What to get: House Marg on the rocks with salt
It’s the original Rio margarita that will knock your fiesta-style socks off. Of course there are other options too: strawberry, mango, a mix of the two dubbed the manberry, sugar rims, blended options, etc. BUT if you are looking to get at the heart of a good strong marg, order the house marg for goodness sake. Thursday’s after 9pm, margs are only $4 each so know that Thursday nights get packed fast. Take your drink to the Rio rooftop, snag some free chips and salsa, then drink your night away. The limit is three but honestly that’s enough to do some real damage.