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The hail season in Colorado, particularly in Boulder, typically lasts from April to September. During this period, severe thunderstorms can form, leading to hailstorms that can cause significant damage to property and pose risks to individuals. Here are some important safety tips to keep in mind during the hail season:

  1. Stay informed: Stay updated with weather forecasts and warnings from reliable sources. Pay attention to any severe thunderstorm watches or warnings issued by the National Weather Service.
  2. Seek shelter: If a severe thunderstorm warning is issued or you observe dark clouds and hear thunder, seek shelter immediately. Move to a sturdy building or a vehicle with a solid roof. Avoid seeking shelter under trees or in open areas.
  3. Stay indoors: Avoid going outside during a hailstorm. If you are caught outdoors, find a safe shelter as quickly as possible. If you cannot find shelter, protect your head by covering it with your arms or a jacket.
  4. Protect your property: If you have advance notice of a severe storm, bring outdoor furniture, vehicles, and other valuable possessions inside. If you cannot bring them indoors, cover them with tarps or protective covers.
  5. Close windows and doors: Close all windows and doors in your home to minimize the risk of hail entering and causing damage to the interior. Draw curtains or blinds to further protect against shattered glass.
  6. Stay away from windows: During a hailstorm, avoid standing near windows, glass doors, or skylights. Hailstones can shatter glass and cause injury.
  7. Disconnect electronics: Unplug electronic devices and appliances to protect them from power surges caused by lightning strikes.
  8. Avoid flooded areas: Heavy rain accompanying hailstorms can cause flooding. Stay away from low-lying areas, rivers, and streams, as they can become dangerous during flash floods.
  9. Be cautious while driving: If you must drive during a hailstorm, pull over to a safe location and wait until the storm subsides. Hail can damage vehicles and create hazardous driving conditions.
  10. Document damage: After a hailstorm, assess any damage to your property and document it with photographs or videos. Contact your insurance provider and report any necessary claims promptly.

Remember, the safety of yourself and your loved ones is paramount during hailstorms. Following these safety tips will help minimize the risks associated with hail season in Colorado.