There are many reasons to have a sense of freedom after you graduate from college. Many people seem to not want to be a part of the University and they have no intentions of being a part of it after they graduate. I was a part of that group of people. When I graduated from the University, I did not want to be a part of the University and be involved in their events. Now that I have been out for awhile, I realize that there is a place for me at the college and that I have a lot to contribute to the institution. There is nothing wrong with returning to the college after graduating to host a class or give a talk because there comes a time when you feel the need to give back. Even though many people graduating now cannot wait to get out of the university and move on with their life, there is always something happening in your life where you see that the university can help you or that you can help the university. Here are some things that alumni currently do to give back:

  • Teaching: There are many teachers at the university in various departments that end up teaching at the same institution and buildings.
  • Speaking: Alumni from all over come to the school to give guest lectures and speaking events after classes are done.
  • Research: Many alumni return to do some additional research, to pursue a higher degree, or to help with a major project.
  • Working: Staff members from advising to the residence halls and everywhere in between may bee graduates of the university as well.
  • Business: Some alumni members also give to the university by helping college students with their needs on and off campus. These individuals can be doing anything from banking to restaurants.
  • Volunteering: Many alumni volunteer with everything from being a brand ambassador to events around the world to representing the university at various charity events. This can happen on and off campus.

There are many other ways to give back. Those of you who just graduated may not be thinking about doing anything like this at all. However, when you graduate and have been out for awhile, the university can start seeing you as an asset. Maybe you can see them as an asset too.