Well, it’s time to get back to the usual format.  I’ve dug through my sources to find some great new events for you all this week, but before I get to those I have to take this one last chance to reiterate what I recommended last week.  Since then I’ve seen the film myself and am close to considering it my favorite movie of all time.  Alright, I’ve pushed that movie hard enough, let’s get to the new events shall we?

On Tuesday April 11th, and every Tuesday for that matter, Upslope brewing company is hosting their Tuesday Tapping.  Every week their brewers create new and unique beers they want to test out.  If you’ve ever wanted to be the first to try out a new and experimental beer, this is the perfect chance.  The beers are tapped at 11 am and are available all day, so there’s plenty of time to come in and get a taste.  Plus, live music starts at 6 so it might even be better to show up a little later.

This Friday the 14th we have Manic Focus coming into the Boulder Theater.  This group avoids labelling themselves or falling into any particular genre, instead mixing a blues tone with hard bass into a sound purely their own.  They’ve released 4 albums over the past 5 years, and produced many remixes of other big profile artists such as GRiZ and Pretty Lights to name only two.  No matter what size the venue is, Manic Focus puts on a show that is well worth seeing, and being an all ages show means it can be enjoyed by everyone.

For something a little more tranquil and introspective, why not check out the Zen Line Drawing class hosted at Platt MIddle School this Saturday the 15th.  Learn how creating art can relax and calm you while boosting your creativity and sense of well-being.  Zen line drawing is an active meditation that can be performed by people of all ages with no prior experience needed.  The class will begin with the basics before moving on to more complex designs for cards, journals, and more.

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