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I had the most interesting discussion with today’s faces of Boulder participant, Kelsey Staub. An artist, Kelsey is studying art therapy at Naropa. Although she isn’t ready to settle down in a career as an art therapist, she appreciates the way the program teaches her to see art differently and how it affects and helps people.

Born in Fayetteville, NC and growing up Des Moine, IA she was immediately taken by the beauty and creative culture of Boulder.

I met Kelsey because her art was hanging at OZO on Pearl in January. It was so intriguing and different that I wanted to meet the artist. This month her show moved to OZO on 55th. Her pieces are a series of mixed media pieces that resonate with her travels. What she has learned about herself and how her emotions and experiences are recreated in a physical form. She hopes that her art challenges and inspires people.  She started creating series of pieces rather than one after she wrote a children’s short story and was inspired.

She told me she is looking forward to going to Spain this summer and hopes to continue studying art abroad, maybe in a program in Italy or France. At 23, she is not ready to settle down and looks forward to being on the road, studying and creating art for as long she can.

Thanks Kelsey and good luck with everything!