Eva is a 22 year old student that is in Boulder attending a university and I loved interviewing this woman. Costa Rica, located in Central America is where this piece of joy is from. Movement is something that is in her everyday life, because movement makes things happen, movement is satisfying, and quite frankly movement is what has gotten her to Boulder. For example, Eva loves loves loves to snowboard! She feels like its her “flow” and and it’s the closest thing she can get to a tropical thrill. As far as I can see Eva is very active and a very driven young lady. Her mom is her biggest role model, because she is a single mom, she has showed Eva how to be strong, how to be valuable, and how to love others beyond herself. One of Eva’s biggest life struggles and ironically one of her biggest motivations is her younger sister that had passed away some time ago. She says she has to live through her sister and for her sister, and appreciate life for there are those who are not as fortunate to live here on Earth with us. “Never regret anything, because at one time… It was exactly what you wanted.” I just want to say thank you to Eva for being a well put together woman, a driven and beautiful mind, and a pure inspiration on how to live happy!
Thanks Eva!