Jamie, the 22 year old from Aspen, Colorado, is a quite interesting young woman. Her passion is photography. Photography that not only pleases the viewer, but also includes and samples in social issues that are not so simple to discuss out loud. She implicitly does art about explicit topics in our society. She’s in Boulder to finish her degree, that she hopes will get her into one of her dream art institutes. What she likes about Boulder is the way the city and university is a unified community! She enjoys the astonishing atmosphere and support she gets from her peers. Jamie chose to do photography because it is an extension of her complex and well thought out perspectives on life and the way humans interact, even more so how men and women interact with each other. This allows her to analyze the ways in which she lives her life. After a deep conversation with Jamie, I can see her vision is far bigger than Boulder, photography, or even art. Jamie cares about the quality of life, and how happy people could be if we as a nation could work together to better each other and make social interactions & social rights easier to talk about. Regardless of what we think, the world can be a fair one!