People of Boulder, this week in music is looking great. From critically-acclaimed, nationwide crowd-pleasers, to equally critically-acclaimed local artists (with a fun burst of quirky Talking Heads covers, for good measure) there’s a lot to do in the week ahead. Here are a few highlights:
Citizen Cope hits Boulder Theater on Friday, March 25th at 8:30pm. If you’re one of the few who is not yet acquainted, Citizen Cope is a soulful artist bridging the gap between touchstones of American music – folk blended with rhythm and blues. If you’re itching in your seat waiting for the Father John Misty show headed our way in April, this is sure to tide you over. Doors open at 7:30, and your tickets can be found here!
Naïve Melodies are coming to the Fox Theater right here in Boulder! As the name suggests, these guys are a Talking Heads tribute band, promising sweet, sweet space-rock beats to get you dancing, and perfectly capturing the quirky fuck-rock of David Byrne’s original 1970’s and ‘80s outfit. Tickets are $10-$14, and if you buy online, they’re eligible for a Double Deal that includes a free drink up to $7 with the ticket! All ages 15+, doors open at 8:30 with music starting at 9. Can’t make Saturday’s show? The Boulder show is the end of a short stint in Colorado – so you could catch them Thursday in Crested Butte or Friday in Vail!
Get out and support locally based artists this Sunday at Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place. 4 artists from the Denver area will be coming to share their sound and their stories, and you can see them all for a meager $10 here Local soul, jazz, and poetry. Sounds like 7pm on a Sunday in Boulder to me. Don’t miss out!
While this may appear on the surface to be a shameless plug of pride for my fellow one-time dwellers of Bloomington, Indiana, Murder by Death is nevertheless a fantastic group that I’m super excited to see coming to Boulder. If the pastoral, western sounds of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, and their ilk had a baby with the brooding, gothic sounds of Nick Cave, with a generous touch of the brilliant literary poetics of Neutral Milk Hotel, and that baby grew up in the indie-rock boom of the last 15 years, you would probably end up with something at least very closely resembling Murder By Death. Catch them at the Fox on Tuesday, the 29th at 8pm. The show is all ages 15+, Tickets are $23-$27.