The Laughing Goat coffee shop is on 1709 Pearl St. Honestly, the name was all I needed to draw me in. On the wall is a sign that says “Be Nice or Leave.” All of the customers seem to abide by this policy very nicely. Every single person is quiet in the cafe, except the staff, as they are discussing crazy Uber ride stories. I look around to notice there are gold little goats on the glass of the cafe, they look like they are dancing as opposed to laughing, but they still look happy just the same. They certainly add their own unique character.

I notice that every single person here is alone; the cafe is probably one of the best places in the world for introverts. The size of the tables and only two chairs for each suggests “come alone or bring one guest who you trust.” The lighting makes it feel incredibly cozy. A large white Labrador lays to my left outside on the patio, clearly enjoying the shade and the spring day. We make eye contact, almost nodding silently to one another, before he lays back down. I sip the steamer I ordered which is very sweet with a subtle hint of vanilla added. The foam hits my lips and I listen to what everyone else’s orders. I am kicking myself for forgetting my laptop charger. If I was far more social I could probably ask to borrow someone else’s. Somehow every single laptop here is a Mac book pro. Everyone seems to be enjoying the social, yet separate areas to work.

The music is louder than most cafes and the lighting darker. It encourages you to relax and enjoy the sounds as opposed to getting distracted or trying to make conversation. This cafe reminds me of how youthful Boulder is, few people here are over 40. I wonder if it’s the music or the atmosphere. I have to Shazam the music as none of it is top 40. Apparently, the song is “In Between” by Jib kidder. The art is very modern and abstract and close up photography, making you question what’s displayed on the walls. The decoration is somewhere between modern and barn decor almost. The black and gold theme reminds me of a cove. The wood is dark, and the ceilings are painted a dark maroon, the whole aura of the place is calming, relaxing, and almost regal.

If you read the menu you will notice, they have an entire specialized list for the coffee connoisseur. There’s a sign above the bar that has everything else listed. The Laughing Goat has things like ciders, and steamers, matcha lattes, cambric, and ice toddy’s. They even have a beer and wine menu if you ask. The staff is giddy and playful with each other, and I wonder if it’s to outweigh the introverted consumers at the cafe. While it may just be the fact that it is a Sunday, there is a feeling of calm to the place that doesn’t encourage boisterous behavior. The music and people coming in and out, make for a nice break in between what everyone else is using their laptops for. It’s fun to see people’s eyes and foreheads bobbing up now and again to see what’s going on beyond them. I could easily spend hours here. The lighting is soft, and everything about the place, cushioned chairs included, urges you to stay. My drink and pastry was delightful, yet I think I enjoyed the environment most. It is called the Laughing Goat, even though I left as a Happy Human!


Sierra is a recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in psychology. She loves creative writing and gut wrenching stories of people and their lives. Sierra is a gluten free snacker with an attention to food allergies, and is a self professed super taster. Her current obsessions include social justice, photographing human subjects, and binge watching Netflix shows. Sierra has lived in Rifle, Gunnison, and Fort Collins. She currently divides her time between Boulder, Denver, and Loveland soaking up all that the Front Range has to offer.