Safety first, Buffs!

1.Always have a buddy. Never leave a party alone or let your friends leave without you. If you want to stay and others want to leave, make sure you have at least one friend with you. Halloween means parties on top of parties – lots going on. It’s easy to get lost, so having a buddy is a must.

2.Don’t take any vitamins. The Hill will be explosive with parties, parties and more parties this weekend. Resist the urge to take things that people give you (other than wrapped candy, that is) because you never truly know a strangers intentions.

3.If you can’t walk, don’t try. Uber is a beautiful thing. There will be a surplus of cars this weekend, and really, who even cares about surge pricing? It’s better to play it safe than risk being stopped by a police officer or getting lost.

4.Charge your phone before you go out – so if you do end up getting separated from your friends, there’s a simple way to reconnect. A great app called Find My Friends allows you to add friends and track their exact location. For me this has been helpful not only for seeing where my friends are but also for tracking there phone quickly if they’ve misplaced it. Two uses in one app!

5.Watch out for ghosts and goblins!