School may be starting in 3 days, but that doesn’t mean your summer has to come to a halt. Summer doesn’t technically end until September 21st, which means you still have a month of sunny skies, and warm weather. You now just have to share some of the time in your day with classes and homework. A couple of suggestions of some fun things you can still do even when school starts are going on hikes, hanging out on pearl street, checking out live music at the Fox, Boulder theater, or Red Rocks, swimming in the creek, camping on the weekends, and dartying (day-partying) with your friends.

Hiking is always a favorite in Boulder because of it’s beautiful scenery. There are multiple different hiking spots you can go to such as the trail at Chautauqua, the Royal Arch, up Mapleton and 4th, walking along the creek and even going to Flagstaff. Boulder has been having some pretty spectacular sunsets this summer, so look out for those on the hikes! Swimming at the creek is another popular summer activity in Boulder. To go to the best place on the creek, drive all the way up Canyon Boulevard and park in one of the lots on the side of the road. Then take the trail from the lot, you can decide to go on the left or right side but the creek connects on both sides. This is a great place to bring a tube to drift along in refreshing water. It’s also a great place to bring your family, your dog for a dip, or to just chill out with some friends.

Day partying or better known as “dartying” will be going on for a few weeks into the school year because everyone wants to take advantage of the sunny warm weather. Walking around the Hill, you’ll see a few frat boys playing drinking games on their front lawn, blasting music and having a good time. Anyone is usually welcome to join the party, the more the merrier right?

So for those of you who feel like summer is over because school is starting, that isn’t the case. There are still plenty of summer activities to do before the fall weather sets in so take advantage of them while you can!

(Photo credit: Lesliegb6720)