Boulder has to the best place for Erin and Jake Evans to combine their two favorite passions, craft beer and the great outdoors. It’s not often you hear beer described by the words: rocks heated over a fire, Wildflower Honey, toasted almonds, Ponderosa Pine, cake-like, and juniper berries, but that’s exactly what you get when reading the descriptions the outdoors inspired delicacies at Wild Woods Brewery.Wildwoods

8 years ago they moved to Boulder from Wisconsin and starting homebrewing shortly after. They progressed quickly, buying a small professional set up to perfect their system and then searching for the house to fit it after! They took 5 years to perfect their mainstays, allowing them to then experiment with everything that has influenced them. You will notice a ton of fruits and vegetables in their beer, such as the special release mushroom stout.
After perfecting their mainstay line up the enrolled in the ever popular Colorado Boy Immersion Course and got on their way. They have come a long way, quickly, growing from a 2bbl system to a 7bbl system in just the first 18 months.

From here, they are planning a dedicated cask program, working on collaborations, such as the recent partnership with BRU, and as Erin noted, “canning isn’t quite there yet, but stay tuned.”
They are still focused and maintain their passion for their taproom. They love the interaction and want people to come be part of the community. This is the reason they maintain their growler program: cheap prices ($10 or $11 per fill), 10 Stamps and the 11th is free and double stamp Wednesdays.
How do you can you test their dedication to the outdoors and beer? Erin told me this: “She was working behind the bar and saw a woman walk straight from the entrance into the bathroom, with her she trekked mud through the entire taproom. The lady came out with her hiking boots in her hand and my face lit up, how could I be mad about that? She just got off a hike!”